There is no better recommendation than your story about OfficeMe, since satisfied with your previous experience,  you continued with a new company in this space. Please, tell us why did you choose OfficeMe space first time?

When we were initially looking for an office, we went to see  several places and OfficeMe seemed to be the best of all the spaces we saw.  On the one hand, considering what OfficeMe offers and its price, their offer was the best. On the other hand, we also liked the concept offered by  OfficeMe, all the services from mail receiving and reception of clients to the use of meeting and conference halls.  Our company is young and we have tendency to expand and grow.  As the team is dynamically changing and growing, we can expand our capacities and move to bigger offices or provide room  for new colleagues in the open space area.  That flexibility was convenient to us from the start, as we started as a small sized company and began growing, and OfficeMe  followed that growth.

Who are your clients, do you work more with domestic or foreign companies?

We mainly work for clients from Western Europe, we don’t have clients on the domestic market, our work is exclusively based on working with foreigners.  Like 90% of IT companies in Serbia, our business is based on certain models of outsourcing or nearshoring. One of the bigger projects  we are currently working on is from the field of renewable energy with Siemens Gamesa from Denmark.  The additional advantage is the same time zone.  Some other IT companies that work with the USA or Canada are faced with time differences of 6 or 8 hours, and very often they start having meetings, email correspondence, operational tasks, after 3 p.m. our time.  

For whom does OfficeMe represent a good solution?

From my point of view OfficeMe is a good solution for small sized or smaller IT companies that tend to expand and grow gradually.  What was specifically convenient to us and what attracted us to OfficeMe space is its capacity to follow our growth.  If the company would physically grow to a significant number of employees, that would be another story in terms of business premises and their organisation.  The natural growth from, say, 10 to 110 employees is absolutely not possible within a short period of time, so if a company starts with 5 or 6 employees and adds two or three people every few months, OfficeMe is recommended for such companies and those similar to ours.

To what extent was the location significant when selecting the space?

Our choice was primarily Novi Beograd, as we all know about parking problems in Belgrade, and that problem is certainly less severe than in the city centre.  We all come to work by car and have parking spaces that we can pay.  The concept of several companies at the same place, which is offered within OfficeMe, certainly contributes to establishing connections with other people in OfficeMe or this business complex.  For instance, a few days ago we heard that there is a start-up company of 6 or 7 people next to us, and its director is the former colleague of my business partner.  They met here by chance, talked,  and found out that they do something interesting to us, and that our business is interesting to them,  and this offers us a possibility to sit, talk, and consider our potential cooperation.  In this business complex there is a company that deals with renewable energy.  Our expertise, which resulted from our work on projects in cooperation with the industrial giant Siemens is also in the same field, which provides us with an opportunity to get in touch with them and consider potential cooperation.  Various possibilities are offered, and for me one of the greatest benefits is the networking with people from the same or similar business sectors.

Do you socialise with others who are not from IT sector?

Yes, we do socialise with others who are not from IT sector (laughter).  There is s wide range of company profiles here, and it’s good to us to break the monotony of IT environment, which has its good side. There are common areas and rooms that can be used by all the companies here, where we also have of one of the spaces for socialising and we have our first morning coffee together. 

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Gama Smart 

On the other hand, we also liked the concept offered by  OfficeMe, all the services from mail receiving and reception of clients to the use of meeting and conference halls.