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Sava Business Center

Milentija Popovića 5A, 11070 Beograd

BENEFITS of Sava Business Centre LOCATION

The new OfficeMe Instant Office space within the business building of the Sava Business Centre encompasses a business environment and socialising. It has been created to help users in their  daily routine and to connect successful companies. The hectic daily rhythm of a modern business person with a lot of concerns stops once a user enters the space and sits at a computer. Then, your daily routine duties become the concern of OfficeMe personnel. The space users have more time to focus on their work and to take care only of their business.

In case they need a state-of-the-art printer or want a cup of coffee for free in a kitchen equipped in a modern manner, everything is within reach. Within the space each user can hold a conference in the hall of the business restaurant with perfect meals. The space has its parking spaces within the garage, 24-hour security service provides the safe use of the space 24/7. The passage secured with a ramp provides high safety for vehicles, while tenants can comfortably use elevators from the garage to the desired floor. Thus the notion of “flexible work” has been realised in its literal sense with higher productivity.

OFFICES - capacity 6-8 places


capacity 6-8 places

PRINTERS - Network Printer


Network Printer

CONFERENCE SALE - within the restaurant


within the restaurant

More information about  <span>THE SPACE </span>

More information about THE SPACE

The coworking space in the "smart" building of the Sava Business Centre has been designed with a concept of the business environment for medium size companies of six and more employees.  The space is divided into 21 offices and 1 conference room. The offices can be grouped into one larger whole, whereby you can have one separate company space within the coworking centre.

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The Location <span>Advantages</span>

The Location Advantages

The business building Sava Business Centre is situated in the vicinity of Hyatt Regency Belgrade and  Crowne Plaza Belgrade hotels, as well near the Sava Centar (congress centre). Ušće shoping centar is also in the vicinity.  Thus the coworking space has incorporated business environment, congress activities as well as a possibility of rest and leisure in the most luxurious hotels. Also, good shopping within a few minutes. 

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In our offer we have offices for 6 and 8 persons. All offices are located on the ground floor, they are well lit and spacious. For our tenants we have provided parking spaces in the garage. Provide a comfortable business environment to yourself and your employees and let the  OfficeMe team take care about the infrastructure. 


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