To work as the representative of such a big company is very demanding and it is different from the traditional office work.

I am in charge of business development for Wilkinson brand on the markets of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro.  I have constant  contacts with different people in different countries.  I also travel a lot and I need an office that is very flexible, that can offer everything  I need, but not just an independent office or something I could rent as a flat or other business premises.

How have you organised your time in OfficeMe space?

I need the space that gives me freedom and flexibility to come to work whenever I want, i.e. whenever I can, and to spend as much time as I can and as long as my work allows. OfficeMe certainly met all my demands in terms of my flexibility and coming to work in the evening, during weekends,  and very early in the morning

How long have you been in OfficeMe? Do you have time to meet  colleagues?

I have been here for one year and a half.  I think that OfficeMe had been opened a few months before I came here.  People come and go, of course, that’s the organisation of business, but there is a certain base of people who meet my cultural and social needs.  I find it interesting to be able  to spend time with  people of different profiles and different professions.  A conversation always matters, I cannot say that I can always find a solution for my business situations, but I certainly learn new things from some other spheres of business and life, new trends and, finally, I have a certain socialisation that is very important for our businesses here.

That socialising, how does it look like? Having a morning coffee together?

Yes, we have a cup of coffee together, sometimes we go for lunch together. Essentially, there is a group of people who would probably stick together regardless of their professions and regardless whether they work for the same or different companies.  Therefore, we have groups here that spend time together based on their mutual interests. A couple of us go to lunch together, have coffee or at least meet in the kitchen and talk about sports, life, or business.

If you were to recommend this space, what advantages would you mention?

What’s important to me is not necessarily important to somebody else, but for me or for people with similar business, it’s certainly time flexibility, energy saving, and time saving,  in terms of electricity bills, cleaning, organisation of all these infrastructural problems, which, realistically speaking,  I don’t have to bother with here.  When I come here, I get my work done and leave, somebody else cleans, I don’t have any responsibility about that and that’s something I find comfortable.  I would certainly recommend OfficeMe for the friendly attitude of the management and the people who use this space.  I think that the organisation of this space is very good and we, all the people who work here, feel as part of one family and one team.

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Predrag Vučetić, Wilkinson

OfficeMe certainly met all my demands in terms of my flexibility and coming to work in the evening, during weekends, and very early in the morning