Why is it better to rent an office within OfficeMe coworking space than use a flat as business premises?

Unlike traditional business premises, a rented flat or a shop/office, where in addition to the rent tenants also have to pay for many additional services (such as public utilities, cleaning, security, parking space, etc.), the  coworking space  concept has been designed as an  all inclusive package. All the listed services are included in the coworking space rent price and, even more, conceived in the way that you virtually do not have to think about anything else but your work.

What is the advantage offered by the business building within which OfficeMe coworking space is located in comparison to a residential building in which you can rent a flat and use it as business premises?

Apart from not smelling the lunch from your neighbour’s flat or not hearing a family quarrel next-door, a real business building contributes in many ways to the higher reputation of your business and raises your rating with your business partners.  Accompanied by big players, you are a big player too.

The excellent location of OfficeMe coworking space  and good connection with the public  transport network, quick access to main boulevards,  the proximity of the commercial part of the city where shopping centres Delta City and Ušće are situated, as well as other contents in the vicinity and an ATM and a bank practically next to the building, are all big advantages.

Modern furniture, functional and likeable, in OfficeMe coworking space as well as a possibility of choosing an office or  a desk to your taste, are only small additions to other services and amenities you get by renting the coworking space.

What is the atmosphere like in the coworking space?

In the coworking space  you are surrounded by the people who do similar jobs, but at the same time  you are independent from them.  Apart from people who do similar business, there are also people carrying out various activities, such as programmers, accountants, construction engineers, architects, financial consultants, translators, traders, an expert witness, a court interpreter, and many others. At the same time, you have sufficient privacy and independence in your work, but also the sense of belonging to a collective.

In the coworking community you socialise with people, exchange experiences and meet friends, you also meet your social needs, but without tension, any unpleasant and conflict situation about the work, which is often the case with colleagues in the same company.

Come and have a 48h trial period and you can see for yourself all the advantages offered by this space!

How does  OfficeMe coworking space save money and time?

OfficeMe was created with an aim to help its users in their daily routine and to connect successful companies. The hectic daily rhythm of a modern business person with a lot of concerns stops once a user enters the space and sits at a computer.  Then your daily routine duties become the concern of OfficeMe personnel, and the space users have more time to focus on their work and to take care only of their business.

How does OfficeMe space increase efficiency and professionalism?

In various ways. The first advantage, which has been specifically mentioned, is time saving. Belgrade, as a big city, has  chronic parking problems.

OfficeMe coworking space solved that problem by providing outdoor parking spaces and indoor garage parking spaces, and it’s up to you whether you would like to park your car in the outdoor car park or to avoid snow or rain in the garage.

The second advantage is that you can be efficient and stress-free knowing that neither you or your clients will be late for meetings, because you don’t have to  drive around looking for a parking space, you don’t have to leave your car illegally parked with warning lights and flashing indicators on and stressfully run out in the middle of a meeting to check whether your car has been towed away or a parking fine has been stuck onto the windshield. Instead, you just sit  comfortably  with a cup of coffee, drink and welcome services provided by a secretary when you come to your office. You can hold a meeting in peace and quiet, sign contracts,  and go home with a smile after the end of a meeting.

The third advantage is the increase of professionalism.  If within a short notice or practically unexpectedly you are to receive a VIP business client for a couple of days in order to  have a meeting and negotiations, you are ready to expand your capacities, to rent an additional office,  and book the meeting hall, all within the same coworking space. There is no surprise for you, you will always have the back-up team of  OfficeMe personnel to  “watch your back”.

The fourth advantage is security.  OfficeMe coworking space is professional and  it will never let you down and evict you, as landlords often do. Every tenant or client has a lease agreement, a takeover report, and the rulebook. There are no additional terms and conditions, there is no fine print like in banks, there are no ambiguous sentences and unannounced activities.  Everything is clear and transparent. The rent is payable at the beginning of the month for the current month, and there is a minimum one-month notice period, or even longer in cases of long-term lease.

There are no unpleasant surprises, like with  a landlord, who can tell you to vacate the premises  within a week,  at the moment when you are in the middle of the most intense business activities, without an explanation or right to complain. You are the one who extends or cancels the agreement,  according to your needs.

Which are the specific services offered by  OfficeMe coworking space?

OfficeMe coworking space  has been created as the business environment concept. Open and closed space, smaller halls for small companies, larger hall for bigger companies, the space divisible into blocks,  with additional contents, meet all your needs and offer comfort, cosiness,  and privacy in both offices and the open space area.

The space divided into offices can be grouped into one connected whole, whereby you get a separate company space within the coworking centre. It practically means that the management team can be in offices, while the production team  can be in the open space area.

Many additional facilities within this space are also included in the price:

  • modern kitchen
  • toilettes, for ladies and gentlemen
  • lockers
  • lounge
  • meeting halls - 30 minutes free every day with a prior notice.

In addition to the above mentioned, the following amenities are included in the rent price:

  • fast Internet
  • cleaning of premises
  • 24h security
  • video-surveillance of the building
  • public utilities (electricity, water, garbage removal, fees, local property taxes)