We are proud to announce the opening of 2 new coworking locations in the second quarter of 2024, which will further enrich our offer and respond to the increased demand for this type of service on the market. New coworking locations will surely become places of creativity, innovation and productivity for many entrepreneurs, freelancers and teams who strive for a dynamic work environment.

The first of these coworking spaces is located in the Artklasa business building, which is located right on the banks of the Danube, surrounded by a very inspiring environment. This space implies an open space concept, suitable for teamwork and efficient work, development of ideas, flexibility as the key to any successful organization.

The second coworking location is in the pedestrian zone of the most frequented street of the capital - Knez Mihailove, just a few steps from the main business centers and urban hubs. This inspiring room is designed as a combination of open space concept and offices, with the aim of supporting all creative processes and responding to different requests.

Both locations are equipped with high-speed internet and offer high-quality service, so members can focus on their work without distraction. Various additional facilities are also available, such as meeting rooms, lounge areas for relaxation, and the plan is to organize events that promote knowledge exchange and networking on the balconies that these spaces have.

The opening of new coworking locations represents a new chapter in our story. We invite all those interested to join the dynamic community of business leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs at promotional rental prices until the opening date. Because together, we build a path to success and realize dreams that once seemed unattainable.